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One of the requirements for “The Art in Fiber 2011″ was an interpretation piece.¬† Each artist was assigned¬†one of three specific themes: a piece of 3-D art, a poem, or a classical music selection.¬†

¬†Being a music lover, I was hoping¬†for the music selection, but Gerald and Debbie knew that, so they assigned me the poem.¬† My first reaction after reading the poem was, “Oh CRAP!”¬† I’ll readily admit I struggled for several weeks, because I was being too literal.¬† Once I stopped over-thinking and started working from my heart, the piece evolved quickly.¬† I must have done a good job.¬† My piece was selected for the poster.¬† I am so very thankful to Gerald and Debbie for having the foresight to give me the poem.¬† It forced me to grow as an artist…a very good thing indeed.

Here is the poem.  It is based on a graveyard that is all that remains of the Dilworth community in south Texas.


Goathead sticker vines thirst
among the headstones, caliche rocks

like skulls beneath the unforgiving
edges–agarita, huisache, Spanish daggers–

this rainless earth barb-wired, boxed in.
Bone white of crushed rock on the lane

beyond, a lone roadrunner skimming
the indifferent heat, behind him a shimmer

plumed with dust.  Undisturbed,
ants harvest a treaded horned toad–

stillness biding, sunlight rife–and among
the stones, a whirlwind, its brief.
                                                  David Meischen, Summer 2010

And here I am with my piece and the poster in the poem interpretation area…

And a closer view of my work, “Dona Eis Requiem (Grant Them Rest)”

David was there for the opening, and I was thrilled to share some time with him.¬† We had our picture taken together and signed each other’s posters.¬† Hopefully, I’ll get a copy of the pic and share it here in a few days.

’til next time…..

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