H & H on the Gulf Coastal Plain

It is definitely summer on the Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas…HOT & HUMID!!!¬† While this weather¬†can be trying and tiring, it does have a redeeming quality.¬† It keeps me indoors, working in my studio.¬† That, folks, is a very good thing.¬† With deadlines looming in the not too distant future, I really need to concentrate on finishing entries.¬† I will confess to one of my personality traits: randomness.¬† If I look up and see something outside, I’m apt to stray there.¬† Knowing that H & H will greet me as soon as I open the door, I stay put in my studio…unless a mystery book I happen to be reading catches my eye…lol¬†

Some of my flowers seem to appreciate the H & H much more than I do.¬† Lantana and “Hot Lips” Salvia are going crazy in the backyard.¬† And the Rudbeckia and Conflowers are doing nicely.¬† Love those pink Coneflowers!¬† The new Purple Porter Weed, for butterflies and hummingbirds, is sending up flower spikes also.



Time to get with the¬†program.¬† Hoping to avoid that H & H as much as possible.¬† Tomorrow, my fiber art/surface design group meets.¬† It will be good to be with friends for¬†a few hours.¬† We’ll be planning the remainder of the year.¬† Even though this will require being out in the summer elements, I’ll just think cool…lol

’til next time…..

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  1. Gerrie says:

    I think I could stand maybe one day of H & H so I will stop complaining about my C & R (cold and rain)>

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