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February 14th, 2011

One of the requirements for “The Art in Fiber 2011″ was an interpretation piece.¬† Each artist was assigned¬†one of three specific themes: a piece of 3-D art, a poem, or a classical music selection.¬†

¬†Being a music lover, I was hoping¬†for the music selection, but Gerald and Debbie knew that, so they assigned me the poem.¬† My first reaction after reading the poem was, “Oh CRAP!”¬† I’ll readily admit I struggled for several weeks, because I was being too literal.¬† Once I stopped over-thinking and started working from my heart, the piece evolved quickly.¬† I must have done a good job.¬† My piece was selected for the poster.¬† I am so very thankful to Gerald and Debbie for having the foresight to give me the poem.¬† It forced me to grow as an artist…a very good thing indeed.

Here is the poem.  It is based on a graveyard that is all that remains of the Dilworth community in south Texas.


Goathead sticker vines thirst
among the headstones, caliche rocks

like skulls beneath the unforgiving
edges–agarita, huisache, Spanish daggers–

this rainless earth barb-wired, boxed in.
Bone white of crushed rock on the lane

beyond, a lone roadrunner skimming
the indifferent heat, behind him a shimmer

plumed with dust.  Undisturbed,
ants harvest a treaded horned toad–

stillness biding, sunlight rife–and among
the stones, a whirlwind, its brief.
                                                  David Meischen, Summer 2010

And here I am with my piece and the poster in the poem interpretation area…

And a closer view of my work, “Dona Eis Requiem (Grant Them Rest)”

David was there for the opening, and I was thrilled to share some time with him.¬† We had our picture taken together and signed each other’s posters.¬† Hopefully, I’ll get a copy of the pic and share it here in a few days.

’til next time…..

Copper Shade Tree Gallery Opening

February 9th, 2011

While delayed one day by icy weather conditions, the opening of “The Art in Fiber 2011″ at Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top, TX was delightful last Saturday.¬† Gerald and Debbie Tobola did a wonderful job, and their additional space in the adjoining building is spectacular.¬† Thank you CST!

Four members of our Studio 105 art group were juried into this show by Ginny Eckley.¬† So far, three of us have sold pieces, and that’s a very good thing!

Here are some members at the opening…

Kate Owens, Suzan Engler, Annie Smith, Connie Hudson, Cindy Henneke

We are a happy, compatible group.¬† Can you tell?¬† And how about my aqua hair extensions…lol

Chores to do and weather to check.  Another Arctic blast has blown through here.  Sun and Spring temps would be a welcome change. 

’til next time…..

New Year

January 19th, 2011

I think I like this Year of the Rabbit.¬† After a very “tiger-like” year, it will be good to have a more relaxed pace filled with harmony, diplomacy, and goodwill.¬† The element for the year is metal.¬† Very fitting since I’ve begun working with metal and a nifty Quickfire torch.¬† And then the color for the year is aqua.¬† Oh, that does speak to me!¬† I foresee a year filled with oodles of creative energy.¬† Yep, it’s going to be a¬†very good year!¬†¬†¬†

Hoping all of you have your own wonderful Year of the Rabbit. 

’til next time…..

Reflections, But No Resolutions…No Problem

January 17th, 2011

The last two weeks have been a time of relection for me.¬† I made no resolutions, because I didn’t need the guilt that would result if I failed to accomplish them.¬† Guilt is not conducive to good karma and peace, both of which I want more of in my life.¬†

Here are some of the things I learned in 2010:

I have released my inner joy and whimsy.  These have long been held at bay by painful insecurity and shyness.  I can finally enter places alone without knowing anyone.  I can meet and greet strangers and love doing it.  I can just be me and be confident that is good enough.

I am a fiber artist, not a wannabe or pretender.¬† I’ve been the top seller at Copper Shade Tree’s annual fiber art show for the last two years.¬† I’ve won a People’s Choice ribbon at a fiber show.¬† I was invited to join some mighty fine fiber artists in creating a group piece for competition.¬† That did wonders for my confidence.¬† Thank you Connie Hudson, Kathy York, Frances Holliday Alford, Leslie Jenison, and Barb Forrister.

I can create art-on-demand pieces.¬† Wasn’t sure about my ability to do this since I tend to create what my muse whispers in my ear.¬† I don’t do much sketching, just follow my heart.¬† Twice this past year I had to follow specific guidelines as to subject matter and size.¬† One piece came instantly and never veered from my original thought.¬† The other was a difficult process until I realized I was thinking way too much.¬† Once I returned to my heart, all was right with my world.¬† Great learning experiences!

When I love someone, I hold him tenderly in my heart and will do my best to make his day a good one.¬† I’m faithful.¬† I lead with my heart.¬† Sadly, a relationship ended, and my heart was torn apart.¬† I survive, but my heart still remembers.¬† Surely, there is a man out there who will appreciate and adore this tender-hearted Texas gal.¬†

I empathize too much at times.¬† When friends go through rough times, I am there when needed.¬† Unfortunately, I let too much of their pain weigh me down.¬† I’m learning to recognize when to step back and take care of me.¬† Not easy, because I am a nurturer.

Best of all my reflections…life is good.¬† Days that suck the joy out of me will come along, but I don’t have to stay in those places.¬† Those days are not the norm.¬† Good days rule!¬† In the words of Jimmy Buffett, “Breathe in, breathe out, move on.”¬† And I shall!!!

’til next time…..

Whimsy Returns!

July 30th, 2010

With entry deadlines, allergy sniffles, a case of lingering blahs, and life in general, I’ve just not been in the blogging mode…or mood for that matter.¬† BUT…my whimsy has returned!!!¬† I’ve been in my studio, and that always puts a smile in my heart and on my face.¬†

Hmmm...the smile begins.


Oh yeah!


And what causes such whimsy to escape?

Blue fingers, of course!


Nothing like playing with Neocolor pastels to put a smile back on a gal's face.

Gotta go play with some other stuff!

’til next time…..


July 12th, 2010

Gerald and Debbie Tobola

Owners of Copper Shade Tree Gallery…my mentors…my friends…”nuf” said!

Visit Gerald and Debbie at

’til next time…..

Painting in the Sauna

July 11th, 2010

With all the tropical moisture¬†experienced lately here on the Gulf Coastal Plain, one feels trapped in a sauna when doing activities outside.¬† That’s¬†how I felt Friday while painting on the patio anyway.¬† Even though it was high up the sticky meter, I¬†was painting Tyvek for the SAQA circle meeting workshop.¬† I also painted some other stuff I grabbed on the way outside.¬† All will find their way into artwork at some point in time.¬† Here are some of the materials used:


Tyvek up close and personal




Although I was “glowing” like crazy, I was having such a good time.¬† Playing is good for the soul and highly recommended for all.¬† As a bonus, I have new stuff to use.¬† Another good thing!¬†

’til next time…

Super Saturday

June 27th, 2010

What a joy to spend a day with friends! 

¬†Four of us from our Studio 105 fiber art group took a road trip to Dripping Springs to see the Austin Fiber Artists show and sale.¬†¬†Venetta, Hope, and I¬†began the journey by traveling to pick up Cindy and touring¬†her country home and garden.¬† Both were beautiful, as is Cindy’s hospitality.¬†

Back in the car and headed toward the show…”Oh, anybody hungry?”¬† We stopped for lunch at a little country cafe.¬† The shared blackberry cobbler with ice cream was yummy.¬†

Back in the car and headed toward the show…”Wanna stop at Yarnarama?”¬† We stopped in an even smaller country town at a wonderful yarn and fiber store.¬† To say we underwent a brief period of insanity is an understatement!¬† Shhhh, we won’t tell that Cindy won…lol¬† Here are the silk hankies and dyed wool curls I bought:

Back in the car and headed toward the show…”Oh, there it is!¬† Turn in.”¬† Yes, we made it to Wesley Gallery to see the nice work of the Austin fiber artists.¬† I enjoyed seeing friends there, and we all enjoyed meeting new people and discussing techniques.¬† And wouldn’t you know it, the gallery had some really nice silver jewelry.¬† Darn the luck!¬† They made more than one sale.

Back in the car and headed toward home…”Oh, there’s one of the peach stands!¬† Pull in!”¬† We don’t get a chance to have Fredericksburg peaches down in our area very often.¬† Had to bring some home, and yes, they are yummy.

Back in the car and headed toward home…”We’re here.”¬† Time to meet Cindy’s husband and then say goodbye.¬†

Back in the car and headed toward home…”Well girls, we made it!”¬† Hugs and kisses, and Venetta and Hope took off for their homes.

What a Super Saturday!  Thanks bunches girls!

’til next time…..

Just a Peek!

June 27th, 2010

I have several calls for entries looming on my horizon.¬† It feels like my feet are stuck in quicksand when it comes to finishing pieces.¬† As much as I love to embellish with beading, it always results in this feeling.¬† Why in the world do I choose to work on something where beading is a major part, and¬†crunch time is rapidly approaching?¬† I must learn to plan better.¬† Some¬†improved time management skills probably wouldn’t hurt either!

Anyway…thought I’d share sneak peeks of a finished piece and the bead “time sponge.”¬† I’d show the full images, but both¬†will be entries in juried shows.

’til next time…..

H & H on the Gulf Coastal Plain

June 20th, 2010

It is definitely summer on the Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas…HOT & HUMID!!!¬† While this weather¬†can be trying and tiring, it does have a redeeming quality.¬† It keeps me indoors, working in my studio.¬† That, folks, is a very good thing.¬† With deadlines looming in the not too distant future, I really need to concentrate on finishing entries.¬† I will confess to one of my personality traits: randomness.¬† If I look up and see something outside, I’m apt to stray there.¬† Knowing that H & H will greet me as soon as I open the door, I stay put in my studio…unless a mystery book I happen to be reading catches my eye…lol¬†

Some of my flowers seem to appreciate the H & H much more than I do.¬† Lantana and “Hot Lips” Salvia are going crazy in the backyard.¬† And the Rudbeckia and Conflowers are doing nicely.¬† Love those pink Coneflowers!¬† The new Purple Porter Weed, for butterflies and hummingbirds, is sending up flower spikes also.



Time to get with the¬†program.¬† Hoping to avoid that H & H as much as possible.¬† Tomorrow, my fiber art/surface design group meets.¬† It will be good to be with friends for¬†a few hours.¬† We’ll be planning the remainder of the year.¬† Even though this will require being out in the summer elements, I’ll just think cool…lol

’til next time…..